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  • Ringless Voice Mail Drop Prices
  • $125 - 2,500 Drops (5 cents per drop)
  • $225 - 5,000 Drops (4.5 cents per drop)
  • $400 - 10,000 Drops (4 cents per drop)
  • $900 - 25,000 Drops (3.6 cents per drop)
  • $1,650 - 50,000 Drops (3.3 cents per drop)
  • Voice Broadcasting Minutes ($100 Minimum Purchase)
  • 2.9 cents per minute
  • $200 = 30 Second Increments
  • $300 or more = 6 Second Increments
  • For enterprise rates contact our sales office at 314-753-6841


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By typing my name above and clicking the Process Payment button below, I hereby authorize IVOICEBROADCAST to charge the Charge Amount listed on the form above. I agree that this is a final and non-disputable transaction for services rendered. I agree that there are NO REFUNDS. I agree that I am over the age of eighteen (18) and an authorized Cardholder.


IMPORTANT: iVoiceBroadcast charges a 3% Compliance Fee on ALL payments ($4 minimum). Minutes and RVM Drops purchased will remain available for 6 months or until used, whichever comes first. This policy helps us maintain the lowest possible pricing on a compliant automated dialing platform. The Compliance Fee will be deducted from the dollar amount of broadcasting time purchased. The Convenience Fee is waived for customers that pay by check or bank wire. Please call our office for instructions for sending payments with a bank wire.

Payments are applied to established accounts. Please use the company name or the personal name used when you registered your account. Please use the email address you use to login to your account. Your funds will be applied to your existing account and plan. Prices are based on volume and weekly usage. The more you use it, the more you will save. There are no long term contracts or commitments.

The charge will appear as IVOICEBROADCAST on your credit card statement.
During normal business hours payments will be applied to your voice broadcasting account within 60 minutes or less.

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